Back Pain Doctor Gaithersburg, MD

Back Pain Doctor Gaithersburg, MD Back Pain Doctor Gaithersburg, MD

A back pain doctor Gaithersburg, MD recommends shares that, slipping and falling onto hard ground is no fun for anyone. The human body doesn’t have much chance against hard surfaces like cement, wood, tile, laminet, etc. The impact of a slip and fall accident often involves embarrassment, neck pain, back pain, tenderness, stiffness, bruising, and inflammation. One of the best people who can help treat these symptoms and related injuries is a back pain doctor serving Gaithersburg, MD at AmeriWell Clinics. Chiropractors focus on the musculoskeletal system of the body, and can utilize various non-invasive and drug-free techniques to promote healing.

If you or someone you love was in a slip and fall accident, consider speaking with our chiropractor in Gaithersburg, MD at AmeriWell Clinics today.

Slip and Fall Injuries

When you fall and get hurt, it is considered a slip and fall accident regardless of the circumstances and who was at-fault. While sometimes we may trip and take a tumble due to our own clumsiness, there are times when another party may be held responsible for our injuries. If this may be the case for you, be sure to inform your chiropractor at the very first session. Your back pain doctor available in Gaithersburg, Maryland can provide you with the medical documents you need, in case you want to pursue compensation from the at-fault person. Common injuries that can happen from a slip and fall include:

  • Sprained ankles and wrists
  • Spinal injury
  • Nerve damage
  • Subluxation of vertebrae
  • Knee injury
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Muscle strains

Spine, neck, and back injuries are common for those who were in a slip and fall accident. Hitting the ground can cause significant pain in these areas, and should be treated by a reputable Gaithersburg, MD back pain doctor. Back pain may arise due to a slipped disc, and neck pain may be felt due to the force of the fall and muscle injuries. Torn ligaments, muscles, and tendons can happen, and most often in the feet, wrists, and knees. 

How AmeriWell Clinics Can Help

Your back pain doctor providing chiropractic care to Gaithersburg, MD residents will assess your injuries and then suggest a treatment plan to match your recovery needs. Some people may only need a few sessions to get better, while others may require months of treatment. It really depends on the type and severity of damage to the body. Treatment may entail a combination of approaches, including spinal adjustments, heat therapy, deep tissue massage, ultrasound therapy, and more.

The most common approach is spinal adjustments, where our Gaithersburg, MD back pain doctor will manually apply gentle and specific force to an area of the spine that is out of alignment. The vertebrae are coaxed back to their proper sitting position, promoting blood flow and nutrient delivery throughout the back and neck.

Your chiropractor may give you stretches and small exercises to do at home, to loosen up tense muscles while strengthening them. Low-impact exercises and stretches can help you regain function of the areas that were injured due to the slip and fall accident. It can also help reduce the severity of the pain and discomfort you are feeling. Your chiropractor can work with you and adjust the treatment plan as needed depending on the progression of your healing progresses. 

To learn more about how our Gaithersburg, MD back pain doctors can provide you with treatment, contact AmeriWell Clinics today.