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While chiropractic medicine and traditional medicine are different in many ways, they also share similarities. For example, a chiropractor and a physician both are required to complete many years of education and training. However, the operating philosophies that each type has are different. A chiropractor and a physician have different approaches to how they diagnose a patient’s condition, as well as different types of treatments and interventions. To learn more about how chiropractic in Silver Spring Maryland is different than traditional medicine is, contact AmeriWell Clinics.

Differences in Approach
One of the main ways that traditional medicine is different from Silver Spring Maryland chiropractic treatments is each practitioner’s focus. A medical doctor focuses heavily on blood test results when trying to determine what health condition the patient is suffering from. This is because there is a wide array of metabolic conditions that can be detected in blood chemistry.

Chiropractors, on the other hand, focuses on the patient’s nervous system. This is because when there is something that is interfering with nerves, this is often the underlying cause of the patient’s medical issues.

There is also a difference in how a doctor of chiropractic in Silver Spring Maryland treat patients and now a medical doctor treats patients. A medical doctor has three treatment options to try. The most common and usually the first option a doctor will try is to prescribe medication which will change the patient’s blood chemistry. The second option is performing surgery that will modify or remove body tissue. The third option is radiation treatment, which will burn the body’s tissues. While these three treatment options will treat the symptoms of the patient’s health problem, they do not address the underlying cause of the condition.

Silver Spring Maryland chiropractic utilizes the adjustment as its primary treatment option. There are numerous chiropractic adjustment techniques that a chiropractor can incorporate in a patient’s treatment plan. These adjustments are not meant to treat the medical disease the patient is suffering from, but instead to improve the brain to body nerve signals. When this interference to the nerve is decreased, the body is able to work the way it is supposed to and this results in the symptoms the patient is suffering from improve and often disappear completely, depending on what the patient’s underlying medical issue is.

There is also a difference in potential side effects between the traditional medicine and chiropractic treatment. Medications often causes different side effects and there is always a high risk of drug interaction if the patient is on more than one drug. When a patient goes to a chiropractor Silver Spring, MD families trust for treatment, the only side effects a patient usually has are positive ones. It is not uncommon for a patient to go to a chiropractor for one main health condition only to find that another secondary issue they may have is also improving because of the adjustments they are receiving for the main condition.

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