Physical Therapy Falls Church, VA

Would you like to schedule a physical therapy appointment in Falls Church, Virginia? If so, consider setting up an appointment with AmeriWell Clinics. Our reputable physical therapists specialize in several fields of physical therapy, such as rehabilitative, geriatric, occupational, and hand. 

What Are The Benefits To Seeing A Physical Therapist?

There are many benefits to seeking physical therapy in Falls Church, VA, such as therapy sessions from our clinic. The benefits of scheduling a session with us includes:

  • Reducing likelihood of needing surgery
  • Promoting wellness
  • Increasing blood circulation, which can improve your organs’ functionality
  • Minimizing negative effects of aging
  • Saving money (more affordable than surgery)
  • Promoting long-term health benefits
  • Improving balance
  • Increasing bodily strength
  • Stimulating weight loss

What Are Four Benefits Of Physical Therapy?

  • Avoid Risky, Costly Surgery

Surgery is expensive. Many people find themselves in medical debt long after their operations. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be you. Did you know that regular physical therapy sessions are a great alternative to surgery? If you have muscle aches, neck pains, or other injuries, consider trying a physical therapist first. Routine physical therapy sessions are known to alleviate many ailments that otherwise require surgery. Thus, more and more people are using physical therapists’ recommendations so that their bodies heal naturally, without having to get on the operation table.

Aside from healing naturally, you can avoid the risk of unsightly post-operation scars and infections. A physical therapist will never have to cut you open (although your therapist will inform you when you’ve reached your maximum recovery and whether surgery is necessary for further mobility and pain reduction). Rather, your therapist will assess you and create a workout regimen to improve your mobility, minimize inflammation, and reduce pain.

  • Increase Your Health

Physical therapy improves your health. Did you know that some patients experience improvements in their diabetes, kidney, and heart? Targeted stretches increase blood circulation. The fluidity of blood circulation affects your organs. Stretches are exercises, which boost your metabolism and promote weight loss. Therefore, better health is a common benefit to routine physical therapy sessions.

  • Improve Your Mobility

As we age, our bones and muscles are negatively impacted. Bone density and sore muscles increase bad posture. Unfortunately, poor posture can become permanent. Having bad posture long term will exacerbate your aches and increase the likelihood of injuries. But bad posture isn’t only a result of aging. Working from home oftens results in people not realizing they’re damaging their skeleton’s makeup. 

For example, if work requires you to sit at a desk all day, you’re probably prone to holding your neck in a certain position. You may arch your back towards your computer. You may sit with your shoulders rounded. Even if you work outside the home, straining your neck to text can cause neck pains. Thankfully, if you have a mobility issue, our physical therapy clinic can help you.

  • Prevent Possible Injury

As suggested above, many patients wait until an issue manifests before scheduling an appointment. Did you know that seeking physical therapy is a strategic preventative step to avoid injury? Yes, that is correct. Physical therapy can decrease the likelihood of you suffering injuries in the first place. 

For example, suppose that you know you’ll join a local soccer team. You can start setting up PT appointments now. Remember that physical therapists are licensed professionals specializing in preventing and treating pain. Thus, they know better than your soccer coach which stretches are ideal for your body. Your sports coach will have the team do the same workouts, but some of these workouts may not target your weak areas nor increase your bodily functions to maximum capacity. Having therapy, such as from AmeriWell Clinics will ensure that you’re less likely to hurt yourself playing sports.