Radiating Back Pain Chiropractic Treatment Rockville, MD

Radiating Back Pain Chiropractic Treatment Rockville, MD

No matter what type of pain you are having, it can definitely interfere with your daily activities and overall life, in general. This is especially true for radiating pain. Radiating pain is pain that travels from one part of your body to another. Typically, the pain starts in one specific area and then spreads to a larger area. For example, the pain may start in your back but then spread to your arms or your legs. If you are experiencing radiating pain, radiating back pain chiropractic Treatment Rockville, MD families recommend at AmeriWell Clinics may help.

Causes of Radiating Pain

There are a number of issues that can result in a patient suffering from radiating pain. Whenever there has been an injury or any type of damage to one area, the body can send pain signals. One example of a common cause of radiating pain that we treat at our clinic is sciatica pain. The sciatic nerve runs from the spine through the buttocks and down to the legs. When there is some kind of pressure or injury to the sciatic nerve, the pain often starts at the sciatic nerve and spreads right down to the legs. In addition to pain, the patient may also suffer from tingling or numbness in the same areas the pain is radiating through.

Another common radiating pain condition that a chiropractor Rockville, MD patients recommend is a herniated disc. When a disc herniates, it can cause pressure to the nerves and this pressure results in pain radiating down the patient’s legs or arms, depending on where the herniated disc is located.

Spinal stenosis is a third type of condition we treat that causes radiating pain in patients. This condition is a result of the narrowing of the spinal cord, which in turn puts pressure on nerves, triggering the pain.

Treatment of Radiating Pain

Chiropractic adjustments that include stretching and relaxation have been found to be successful in alleviating radiating pain in patients. These adjustments also help in the patient’s range of motion in the areas affected by the pain, as well as helping the body’s ability to heal itself.

In addition to adjustments, your treatments may include exercises and heat or cold therapy. The treatment plan that your chiropractor develops for you is completely personalized, based on where the injury is located and what the severity of that injury is.

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Too many people who suffer from radiating pain – or any other pain – often think there is nothing they can do to alleviate or eliminate it and resign themselves that they will just need to learn to live with it. At AmeriWell Clinics, we know this is simply not true in many cases and that the proper Rockville, MD radiating back pain chiropractic treatment can help you get your healthy life back. Call our clinic today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help.