Chiropractic Rockville Maryland

Chiropractic Rockville Maryland

Chiropractic Rockville MarylandOne of the most important parts of any Rockville Maryland chiropractic treatment is the adjustment. This is the procedure that helps realign the spine in order to help alleviate and eliminate many conditions and their symptoms that people suffer from. While it may seem as if every adjustment appointment is the same, the truth is that your chiropractor goes through a process with each patient and that process will determine the extent of each adjustment.

The goal of your Rockland Maryland chiropractic doctor isn’t just to treat the pain you are having. That’s what traditional medicine does. The goal a chiropractor has with adjustments is to reduce the interference of the nervous system, as well as restore the patient’s joint function. As this joint function improves, the body has no need to produce pain and other symptoms.

There is an array of adjusting techniques available in Rockland Maryland chiropractic treatments. These treatments are not a “one-size fits all” process. Instead, chiropractors develop individual and personalized treatment plans for each patient based on their symptoms, conditions, past medical history, lifestyle, and any other pertinent factors.

As your doctor of chiropractic in Rockland Maryland performs each adjustment, they are keenly aware of what your spinal function and structure currently is and what the optimal function and structure should be. Your doctor is aware that where your symptoms are showing up is not necessarily the area of the spine that actually needs the adjustments.

The number of adjustments each patient needs is based on a number of factors, including the extent of the misalignment and how quickly the patient responds. But there are also a number of factors that will determine how close together each adjustment appointment will be. The body is an intricate machine, with hunger patterns, sleep patterns, hormone releases, and neuropeptide releases. Adjustments are scheduled around the patient’s muscle tone and respiration cycle.

The key to successful treatment plans is to provide the best results within the shortest time while allowing the body enough time to process the prior adjustment. A seasoned chiropractor Rockville, MD families trust from AmeriWell Clinics has extensive experience in developing treatment plans that will provide these precise goals.

Best Results
Each patient is different, and the amount of time treatment is needed is also different. During the first couple of weeks of treatment, one of three things will happen:

  • The patient will show quick improvement
  • The patient will show slower but steady improvement
  • The patient may experience a temporary worsening of symptoms but then begin improving

If you are suffering from any kind of painful and/or chronic condition, chiropractic Rockville Maryland patients recommend could help you heal and begin living a pain-free life again. Call AmeriWell Clinics to schedule an appointment with one of our compassionate and experienced chiropractors.