Auto Accident Doctor Falls Church, VA

If you are seeking an auto accident doctor in Falls Church, VA to help you recover from your injuries following a devastating accident, don’t wait any longer. The qualified and highly trained team of healthcare providers at AmeriWell Clinics can examine your condition and determine the best treatment options for you. Many people experience injuries that impact them long after their car accident.

Auto Accident Doctor Falls Church, VA

The team at AmeriWell Clinics can find the targeted treatment plans that will be most effective for you. They have years of experience assisting patients who have joint pain and lingering symptoms due to issues like arthritis, sports injuries, car accidents, and other health conditions. We have a variety of treatments available, and we will do a thorough examination to determine what treatment options will be best for you.

How an Auto Accident Doctor Can Help

An auto accident doctor who treats patients in Falls Church, VA can develop a treatment plan aimed at helping you recover from your injuries. If you have whiplash, neck pain, back pain, and other issues as a result of a car accident, receiving chiropractic care can be beneficial. It is a natural and painless way of restoring dysfunction in your body. A doctor can treat the source of your pain so that it can be reduced or eliminated. Receiving chiropractic care can not only address your current pain but can prevent future injuries as well as help you maintain your overall health.

What to Expect From Your First Session

During your first chiropractic session, the auto accident doctor will do a full physical exam which may include X-rays, reflex tests, posture examination, and general questions about your health. The doctor will ask you about your medical history, injuries, and current symptoms. They will ask you to stretch, bend, reach, and exhibit your flexibility and range of motion. You will not be asked to do any strenuous exercises. After the exam, the doctor will give you a diagnosis and provide treatment options.

At-Home Treatment

The doctor may ask you to do exercises and stretches at home in addition to your chiropractic program. The RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) method is an effective at-home treatment for a variety of injuries and conditions. This will help you recover much more quickly and alleviate any pain that you may experience in between your sessions.

Receive Chiropractic Treatment Now

If you are in need of a doctor who can help treat the injuries that you received from a devastating auto accident, don’t hesitate to seek help. Too many people delay treatment for their pain and other symptoms because they want to see if they will improve on their own. However, it is better to get your condition or injury evaluated by a qualified chiropractor earlier than later. Get treated right away so that you can recover faster by scheduling a consultation with a trusted auto accident doctor in Falls Church, Virginia. Call AmeriWell Clinics today.