Chiropractic Care Following Car Accident

Fairfax County firefighters and police officers try to clear the road after a vehicle crash was reported in West Falls Church on June 2, 2022. At 9:20 am two cars collided, and the crash resulted in a fuel leak. Due to the fuel leak, eastbound Route 50 was totally closed off and traffic backed up. Two vehicles were reported as involved in the collision, according to local police officers. One of the car accident victims sustained minor injuries and was transported to a hospital close by. The health status of the other remaining drivers and passengers remains unknown. 

After an accident, victims may experience trauma, pain, and illness in their bodies. In the event of a severe collision, the force of the car hitting another car or object puts stress on a driver or passenger’s body causing potential damage. As a result, many survivors of car accidents experience whiplash as the car jolts them around. The chest, neck, and shoulder may also be affected by the seat belt or impact of the deployed airbag. 

Even if a victim of a car crash has no appearance of physical injury, they should still seek medical attention following an event of a car accident. Minor injuries may have severe complications as well and should be cared for immediately. Adrenaline often masks a victim’s pain and injuries, and once it wears off, the driver or passenger may start to feel the full extent of their injuries. Internal bleeding and injury are also a concern for victims of car accidents.

A Falls Church, VA back pain chiropractor located can help those who have sustained mild to severe injuries from a vehicle accident. Upon initial consultation with a chiropractor, the client should gain a clear understanding of what their treatment journey may look like. Due to the intense force involved during a collision with a vehicle, the driver and passengers are likely misaligned in their bodies, and in desperate need of chiropractic adjustment. Thankfully, a chiropractor targets the root cause of their client’s pain. More than just temporary pain relief, a more targeted approach allows the body to function, and begin healing itself. Regular chiropractic treatment often leads to a client experiencing long-term relief from their pain, increased mobility, and an overall healthy lifestyle. 

Since the neck, shoulders, back, and spine are all affected after a car accident, clients should seek medical professionals that focus on those parts of the body. A chiropractor is an excellent option for those wanting a holistic approach. While some may want prescription medication to cover up their pain, it may come with serious, and potentially dangerous risks. Injured victims of car accidents should carefully weigh the pros and cons before starting strong prescription medication for their pain, as many have negative side effects. There is also a concern that prescription medication could cause dependency, making it difficult for the user to stop taking the prescription. Chiropractic care at AmeriWell Clinics has little to no risk and is effective for those seeking help after an accident.